Question: Is it worth paying for tandem?

Tandem makes language exchange easy. Its free to use and has a large, active user base. If youre interested in interacting with native speakers of the language youre learning, Tandem is worth your consideration.

How does Tandem app make money?

While the vast majority (94%) of Tandems user base is making use of the freemium offering, it monetizes via a subscription product, called Tandem Pro, which it introduced in 2018 to cater to members who “preferred taking a community approach to language learning,” as Aschentrup puts it.

Are tandem Bank safe?

Is it safe? Yes. Tandem Bank is covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), meaning you are covered for up to £85,000 if it was to go bust.

Can you block people on tandem?

To block someone from their profile, tap the warning mark (!) in the top right-hand corner and tap Block. To block a member from the chat with them, tap the three dots button in the top right-hand corner and tap “Block.” If someone is not abiding by the Tandem Community Principles, please report them.

Can you delete message on tandem?

We do store messages, message information like timestamps and your Topics, but these will not be shared with any third parties unless required by law. You can download, edit or permanently delete your personal data at any time.

Are there fake profiles on tandem?

Scammers create fake profiles on Tandem by using photos that are not their own. They contact other members, try to build relationships, give fake information about their life and eventually ask for money.

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