Question: How old is Edward Pattinson?

Thats admittedly a lot younger than his character Edward Cullen, who is over 108 years old. Eagle-eyed fans will notice that Pattinson looks like hes closer to 17 in the film, which is the age Cullen was when he was bitten in 1918.

What is the age of Robert Pattinson?

35 years (May 13, 1986) Robert Pattinson/Age

How much is Edward Pattinson worth?

Robert Pattinson net worth: Robert Pattinson is a British actor who has a net worth of $100 million....Robert Pattinson Net Worth.Net Worth:$100 MillionProfession:Model, Musician, Actor, Film ProducerNationality:United Kingdom4 more rows

How old was Kristen Stewart During Twilight?

18 years old The first movie, Twilight, was released on November 21, 2008, and at the time, Stewart was only 18 years old. Born April 9, 1990, Stewarts fame skyrocketed following the release of that film. Stewarts age during the sequel films was: The Twilight Saga: New Moon (19)

How old was Bella when she had Renesmee?

17-year-old In Twilight, a human, 17-year-old Bella, moves to her fathers home in Forks, Washington, meets the mysterious Cullen family, and falls in love with a young vampire, 17-year-old Edward Cullen....Bella Swan.Bella CullenSpouseEdward Cullen (husband)ChildrenRenesmee Cullen (daughter)NationalityAmerican12 more rows

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