Question: What is the largest village in Somerset?

What is the highest town in Somerset?

Chard Chard is the most southerly town in Somerset and one of the highest, though at an altitude of 126 m (413 ft) Wiveliscombe is the highest town in the county.

What is the smallest village in Somerset?

Langport. The historic town of Langport, on the banks of the River Parrett, claims to be the smallest town in England.

What is the biggest town in North Somerset?

Weston-super-Mare Weston-super-Mare is the largest town in North Somerset with a population of over 77,000.

What is the best part of Somerset?

Wedmore. Located between Wells and Burnham-on-Sea, Wedmore has a reputation as one of the most desirable places to live in Somerset and is the former home of England cricket star Jos Buttler. Hinton St George. Axbridge. Templecombe. Somerton. Frome.Apr 10, 2021

How many houses are in North Somerset?

Demographics. North Somerset covers an area of around 145 square miles (380 km2) and has a resident population of 193,000 (1.4% BME) living in 85,000 households.

What are the main towns in Somerset?

List of settlements in Somerset by populationBath.Weston-super-Mare.Bridgwater.Wells.Yeovil.Taunton.Minehead.Street.

Why is Somerset so popular?

The worlds greatest cheddar & cider Somerset is renowned for its cheddar cheese and cider. A wealth of apple orchards once made Somerset the cider capital of the UK, whilst the Cheddar Gorge caves are still used to mature cheese today.

Is Somerset a rich county?

A study by Barclays published this month, places Somerset in the region with the 2nd highest wealth indicators in the UK, behind only London and the South East. This figure is the second highest in the whole of the UK, just falling behind the median wealth of the South East, which stands at £309,700.

Which area does North Somerset cover?

374.7 km² North Somerset/Area North Somerset covers an area of around 145 square miles (380 km2) and has a resident population of 193,000 (1.4% BME) living in 85,000 households.

How many people over 80 are in North Somerset?

Further information about the population structure:Age DistributionPersons50-59 years30,81160-69 years25,85170-79 years24,21080+ years14,6135 more rows

What do you call a person from Somerset?

Somersetonians has been used a few times – and is also used to describe students past and present at Somerset College in Australia (its also the names of their college newsletter).

How do people from Somerset speak?

Somerset is a large county and the dialect varies considerably. Hence in eastern and central Somerset the dialect is practically Anglo-Saxon. To the west of the Parrett, especially around the Brendon Hills and Exmoor, the dialect is spoken with a Celtic accent and closely resembles that of Devon.

What food is Somerset famous for?

Somerset the home of some of the most iconic food brands in the world Cheddar and Cider ! Somerset is as famous for its cheese as it is for its cider. Originating in the Somerset town of the same name, cheddar cheese has been proclaimed Britain's favourite and is hard to miss on any cheese board around the world.

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