Question: Is Dorian Gray immortal?

Dorian Gray is a wealthy gentleman who has gained immortality by having his soul trapped within a painting. He is well known for his extravagance and debauchery.

Does Dorian Gray ever die?

Dorian dies because he rips apart the portrait which maintained his immortality.

What are Dorian Grays sins?

Dorians inner secrets and weakness of mind becomes his downfall. In this novel Dorian Grays apparent perfection is destroyed by his weakness of mind and naiiveness, which becomes the downfall of his soul as his mind is opened to sin and Hedonism by Lord Henry Wotton.

Is Harry the devil in Dorian Gray?

Lord Henry Wotton is the antagonist of The Picture of Dorian Gray, and he certainly shares some traits with the Devil.

Who was the real Dorian GREY?

Dorian Gray was clearly based on a living person, a member of Wildes literary homosexual circle in the early 1890s when the story was first published. If Wildes fiction is strange, the real life story of John Gray, Dorians original, is even more bizarre.

What is Dorian Grays tragic flaw?

Although Dorian was very wealthy, popular, and contained good looking attributes, he also contained qualities that lead to his downfall. The three aspects that make up Dorian Grays tragic flaw are his desperation for perfection, the need to maintain a high social status, and his desire to preserve youth and beauty.

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