Question: Why does OkCupid show me people far away?

My Discover Matches Are Too Far Away! If youre seeing people from too far away, please check your Preferences -- if youve said that youre looking for people located anywhere, Discover will show you people from anywhere. You can adjust this by changing your Distance preference so something closer to you.

Why does OkCupid show me people outside my age range?

Why am I seeing people from outside of my Preferences? If someone is an extra good match for you, but just slightly outside your age or distance range, you may see them suggested to you in some parts of OkCupid.

Does OkCupid show distance?

At the moment, we dont have a way to filter by state or national borders. Instead, we filter by distance only. Were considering adding an option to filter by state/country, but it is not a currently available feature.

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