Question: What is the meaning of JE in English?

[ʒe ] j [ʒ ] pronoun. I.

What is the meaning of Je me in English?

Translation of je me in English. Im its my let me just it was youre remember it is to get.

Is the word JE in the dictionary?

No, je is not in the scrabble dictionary.

Is Je men Fous rude?

Je men fiche is one of the many French ways to say I dont care. Its not vulgar like its sister expression je men fous, just a little colloquial.

Is ta gueule offensive?

When someone says “ta gueule”, its a rude way to say, “shut up!” The longer phrase is “ferme ta gueule or shut your mouth!. But remember that gueule pertains to an animals mouth hence the rudeness of this expression.

What is je men Fous?

Translation of je men fous in English. Adverb Other. I dont care.

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