Question: Does NP mean Nope?

@Psp: nop/np or nope means « no » it is used in informal.

What does NP mean in texting language?

No problem NP stands for “No problem.” Its usually used as a replacement for “Youre welcome” when thanks is offered. “No problem” can be abbreviated in both lowercase (np) and uppercase (NP). The lowercase variant is more common in personal messages.

What does NP mean in a reference?

no publisher If unavailable, for online-only sources, MLA7 suggests writing “N.p, n.d.” which means no publisher and no date, respectively.

What is nope slang for?

Mikahbot is correct in noting that nope is slang for no. The answer to your question about where the word comes from is slightly more complicated.

What does NP mean in dating?

The oldest definition of NP in the Urban Dictionary dates back to 2002 and reads “No problem.” Its likely been in use long before this, as internet chatrooms date back to the 1980s.

What does LOL NP mean?

The abbreviation NP is widely used in text-based messaging with the meaning No Problem. NP is typically used as a positive response to a request (i.e., to say Yes) and as a response to someone saying thank you (i.e., to say Youre welcome).

What does NP PP stand for?

Definition. NPPP. National Professional Project Personnel. NPPP. Native Plant Preservation Plan (Arizona)

What does Nope mean from a girl?

NOPE means No.

What is noob short for?

Newbie is a slang term for a new person in a community, group, or video game, and especially on the internet. Newb is short for newbie and another slang term that comes from the word new. A noob usually means a bad player in a game, or someone who does not know the rules of a community yet.

What does Nlcp stand for?

NLCPAcronymDefinitionNLCPNational Laboratory Certification Program (US DHHS)NLCPNational Lung Cancer Partnership (Madison, WI)NLCPNational Lake Conservation Plan (India)NLCPNurse Life Care Planner (job title)5 more rows

What is Nppp?

Definition. NPPP. National Professional Project Personnel. NPPP. Native Plant Preservation Plan (Arizona)

Is Nope rude?

Nope is informal. You wouldnt usually want to use it, for example, answering questions for a job interview, but it would be an appropriate answer to a friends question Have you seen that movie yet? In my opinion Nope is a dismissive and slightly rude version of no.

What is a Nube?

NUBE means Inexperienced or New Person. NUBE is a slang word used to refer to a person who is inexperienced or new. NUBE is an alternate spelling of NEWBIE and NOOB. NUBE is widely used, but is particularly popular in gaming circles.

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