Question: Whats the difference between passive-aggressive and sarcastic?

Passive aggressive people often deny that they are hurt, angry, or offended. Many times, passive-aggressive people are sarcastic, even when sarcasm is an inappropriate response. And when confronted about their mean behavior, they will pass it off as a joke often accusing the victim of being too sensitive.

Whats the difference between passive and passive-aggressive?

Being passive means not communicating what you really think or want. Being passive means letting others take responsibility or make decisions. Passive behaviour can reduce feelings of self-worth. Being aggressive means not considering other peoples views or feelings.

Whats the opposite of passive-aggressive?

One alternative to passive-aggressive communication is assertive communication. By being forthcoming and direct, you leave less room for misinterpretation of your intent and meaning. Assertive is another way of saying decisive, certain, firm, and even positive.

How do you frustrate a passive-aggressive person?

Confrontation Assertive, not aggressive, confrontation is the best way to frustrate the goals of a passive-aggressive person. You see, passive-aggressive people hate confrontation. Its not their style. When you catch them in the moment and stand up for yourself assertively, you catch them off guard.

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