Question: Can you shoot the spider in Granny?

The spider is loyal to Granny, and will not attack her. Although the spider can be killed by the shotgun, it is immune to an explosion from the gasoline can.

How do you not get killed by the spider in Granny?

The best way to avoid it would be to get the crossbow (or, if the player is willing to risk getting up close, the shotgun) and shoot the red button near the hole. This will cause a wooden plank to fall over the cage and will trap the spider.

Can Granny be killed?

Description. Grannys origin, and what she actually is, is never mentioned in-game. Moreover, Granny cant be killed even if being shot by the Shotgun or even when her body is shattered with the Freeze Trap.

What is in the room with the spider in Granny?

It has a table, a cage with the Spider inside, a locker, and a few barrels. The floor is wood while the wall is concrete. There are long, wooden support beams holding the ceiling up. There is a long piece of wood that is being used as a makeshift barrier, so Granny doesnt fall down the stairs.

How do you kill a grannys bird?

Like the Spider, the Crow cannot be killed with the crossbow but you can kill it with the shotgun.

What is Slendrinas real name?

Simon was a young boy who loved to play in the woods during a full moon and he was never afraid. He one night went out of the woods and found his house on fire.

Is there a spider in Granny Chapter 2?

They are white spiders, and just like the Spectral Rats from the previous games nightmare mode, Spectral Spiders only appear in Nightmare Mode. Unlike the rats, these spiders dont bite the Player nor alert Granny and Grandpa. But they will hiss at times, but these hisses do not alert the grandparents.

Can you pepper spray the spider in Granny?

Granny cannot hear the Pepper Spray being used. The Pepper Spray works on neither the Spider nor the Crow. If Granny is blind while youre holding Teddy or killing one of her pets, she will still see you and know where you are.

Where is the baby in Granny 2?

baby room Granny: Chapter Two The child lives in the baby room, which is part of the exterior closed patio. As to how and why he is there is not known. The child occupies the area beyond the sewage canal, walking in and out the cage, sleeping on the corner and ringing a bell attached near the door if he is hungry.

Why is Grannys eyes red?

Grannys eyes will turn red if her great grandson, Slendrinas Child is killed using the Shotgun or Stun Gun while she is alive.

What happens if you shoot granny?

The shotgun is the most powerful weapon in the game. When Granny is shot with the shotgun, she will be knocked out instantly, unlike the Crossbow. As of the 1.5 update, Granny is knocked out for a longer time when using the shotgun.

What does nightmare mode on Granny mean?

When you go into Nightmare Mode, youll immediately notice blood on everything — youll hear a disgusting squishing noise beneath your shoes as you walk through the house which makes it pretty hard to keep Granny from hearing you make your way through the rooms.

What do the books do in Granny?

The Book is an item that appears in Slendrina: The Cellar, Slendrina X and was added to Granny in Update 1.5. It can be used to reveal Slendrinas mom, hanging by her wrists in the Bookshelf Room. It is not required to beat the game, but like the Teddy, it can be used to reveal an Easter egg.

What happens if you shoot the gasoline in Granny?

The explosion will knock out Granny for 2 minutes and 30 seconds, 1 minute and 30 seconds, 1 minute, or 30 seconds depending on the difficulty. Interestingly enough, the explosion can not kill the Spider or the Crow, only a direct shot with the Shotgun can.

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