Question: How old is Natty?

Is Natty in Twice?

Natty first became known to K-pop fans when she appeared at the age of 14 on the Mnet show “SIXTEEN” that formed the JYP girl group TWICE. She was the youngest competitor on the show and made it to the finale after having proven her talent, but she wasnt chosen for the group.

What happened to natty in idol school?

She was eliminated in the final episode because she was too young to debut. In Idol School, Natty gained the number 1 rank when it came to vocal abilities.

Is Idol School rigged?

Idol School aired from July to September 2017 to select members to debut a nine-member girl group, fromis 9, based on popularity votes by viewers. It was one of several of Mnets shows revealed to have rigged vote results in favor of certain contenders, which also included the popular Produce series.

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