Question: Does Kesha have tail?

Kesha stated that she was born with a quarter inch vestigial tail. I had a tail when I was born...they chopped it off and stole my tail... Im really sad about that story.

Does Kesha born with a tail?

Kesha has revealed that there was a small piece of bone coming out of her back which somewhat resembled an animals tail, when she was born.

How did Kesha get famous?

Who Is Kesha? Keshas big break came from an uncredited and unpaid cameo on rapper Flo Ridas 2009 No. 1 hit Right Round. Soon after, she landed a record contact with RCA and released her first single, Tik Tok. The party anthem developed quite a following.

Did Kesha appear in victorious?

Ke$ha is the first musical guest to appear on Victorious, and happens to be one of Victoria Justices fav artists!

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