Question: Why is my Facebook home page empty?

Why is Facebook showing a blank screen?

It happens because you already logged in and authorized the app, so when it tries to log-in again, it goes blank. The most straightforward way to fix this is first to check if the user has already logged in and authorized your app before calling the .

How do I fix my Facebook white page?

Possible FixesTry switching to different browsers.Clear up your past history, cookies, and cache.Change your password.Force log out and try to log in again.Try to log in through another computer.Try to log in through your mobile.Try to log in using Facebook beta page.Try to log in using Facebook business page. •Jul 23, 2018

Why is my screen white on Facebook?

When you see the White Screen of Death: – Check its not a tech, browser or cache thing – log in and out of Facebook, switch your computer off and on, try another browser, clear your cache – just in case… – Then CHILL OOT* and get on with your work!

Why cant I pull up Facebook?

If youre having trouble logging into your Facebook account, here are some things you can try. Go to and follow the instructions. Make sure to use a computer or mobile phone that you have previously used to log into your Facebook account. Search for the account you want to recover.

The new tool can be found in the settings menu of the Facebook app. Once people click on it, they can look into an itemized history of the outside apps and websites they have visited that have shared data with the social network. They can also see the types of data the apps and sites have shared.

Can you still unfollow on Facebook?

How to Unfollow on Android App. For profiles, open their profile and tap on Following. Tap on Unfollow.

How do I get rid of a blank screen on Facebook?

Click Desktop and Mobile under Notification Settings. Find the option under Desktop for Chrome: See your notifications in the corner of your computer screen, even when Facebook is closed. Turn it on and off. Remember to re-enable your extensions again and see if the black screen disappears.

Does Facebook know your browsing history?

Once you clear the activity managed by the tool, Facebook will remove your identifying information that the apps and websites share. That means Facebook wont know which websites you visited or what you looked at, so you wont see any targeted ads from those sites.

How do I unfollow all Facebook pages at once?

Facebook: Unfollow people and pagesOpen news feed preferences on your Facebook menu (browser)Click people or pages.Scroll down (or click see more) until your full list is loaded.Run the script in your browser console.

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