Question: What should you avoid doing in a chat room?

What are the problems with chat rooms?

Bullying and Betrayal Chat room conversation may lead to threatening emails, blog rants or even attempts to find and harass the person in real life. If a chat room member has offered up personal details, such as her “real life” first and last name, participants may cross the line and attempt to make contact.

What are common chat room guidelines?

Chat Room RulesRule 1: No spamming. Rule 2: No personal attacks or harassment. Rule 3: Type in normal English. Rule 4: Dont monopolize the conversation. Rule 5: No solicitation. Rule 6: No dissing other websites. Rule 7: Dont use the chat room for your personal business. Rule 8: Dont use multiple usernames.

What is chat netiquette?

“Chat etiquette” for better digital customer service. It conveys a sense of politeness while describing the guidelines by which chat agents interact with customers.

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