Question: Who kidnapped Bunny in The Big Lebowski?

The whole kidnapping thing is a sham. The Dude is forcibly brought before Jackie Treehorn himself, who demands to know the whereabouts of Bunny and the money she owes him. The Dude tries to answer, but Jackie Treehorn drugs The Dudes White Russian.

Who sent the ransom note in The Big Lebowski?

They pretend to kidnap Bunny and write a ransom note to Jeffery Lebowski for one million dollars and no funny schtuff....The NihilistsOther RelationsFriends to Bunny Lebowski7 more rows

Who took the dudes briefcase?

The kidnapping was also a ruse: when Bunny took an unannounced trip, her friends—the nihilists—purported a kidnapping to be able to extort money from Lebowski. TL;DR - German gang stole the car/briefcase.

Who loses a toe in the Big Lebowski?

The toe is the barganing chip the nihilists send to Jeffery Lebowski after the failed ransom money exchange. They toe belongs to the niihilists girlfriend.

Is The Big Lebowski good to watch high?

For those who abide by the philosophy set by Jeff Bridges iconic character The Dude, the movie is a way of life. But Joel and Ethan Coens cult classic has allowed for so much critical analysis that it can be easy to forget its also one of the best stoner films ever made.

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