Question: How much is Brooklyn Free School?

If families choose to opt out of completing a FACTS assessment*, they are committing to paying max tuition: $30,000 for our Lower School (Pre-K - 6th Grade), and $33,000 for our Upper School (7th - 12th Grade). *Families that receive public assistance may submit proof of aid rather than complete a FACTS assessment.

What is the Brooklyn Free School?

Brooklyn Free School is an independent school with sliding scale tuition and a mission of education for social justice. Governed by democratic decision-making, Brooklyn Free School invites young people, aged 4 to 18, to partner in the creation of an exceptional educational experience.

Is Brooklyn Flea cash only?

Vendors accept cash and some accept debit or credit cards. There are ATMs on site at all of our locations; the transaction fee is $2.50.

Which Brooklyn Flea is best?

The Best Flea Markets in Brooklyn NYCBrooklyn Flea DUMBO – DUMBO, Brooklyn (NYC) Brooklyn Flea Winter & Holiday Market – Fort Greene, Brooklyn (NYC) Brooklyn Flea Record Fair – Williamsburg, Brooklyn (NYC) Artists & Fleas Williamsburg – Williamsburg, Brooklyn (NYC) Oddities Flea Market – Greenpoint, Brooklyn (NYC) •11 Mar 2019

How much does it cost to be a vendor at Brooklyn Flea?

These fees vary quite a bit depending on your location. One of the most high-traffic markets in the country, Brooklyn Flea, charges $150 per day or $1,200 per month. Check your local event listings to see which markets are in your area, and then call them to compare prices for vendors.

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