Question: What is a buzz on Skout?

What is your buzz on Skout?

Skout is your oyster When shakers are low you can go to the Buzz tab to check out statuses posted by either the locals in your area, friends, and favorites. You can use this as a way to interact and spark conversations between other users. Feature yourself or find other people.

Does Skout have buzz?

Skout is an iOS app from the company of the same name. Opening the drawer on the left of the app reveals a number of alternative means to browse the network. “Buzz” shows a social feed of either local people, friends or favorites.

Is Skout good for hooking up?

With its many features and active members, using the Skout app can be very enjoyable. But not for people who want a dating or hookup site. Even though it is primarily advertised as a dating service, Skout is also filled with people who are looking for something less romantic.

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