Question: What does El Al mean in Hebrew?

The biblical phrase el-al, meaning “upward,” “heavenward,” “aloft” or, most fittingly, “skyward,” was painted on the body of the C-54 and an Israeli flag on its tail, and the plane was loaded with an air force crew and kosher food from a restaurant. In company lore, this came to be considered El Als inaugural flight.

What is El Als logo?

The El Al logotype was created by the legendary Dutch graphic designer Otto Treumann in 1963. Shape of El Al Logo: The El Al logo features English and Hebrew characters which have an extended, monotonal, and confident appearance and flavor. These letters are customized to fit easily into each other.

Is El Al good?

El Al is considered one of the most secure airlines in the world. El Al is the only commercial airline to equip its aircrafts with anti-missile defense systems. The airline also has stringent security procedures on the ground and there is an undercover Air Marshal on all international flights.

Does El Al serve alcohol?

In addition, passengers can choose an all-inclusive serving (express service), or order a light meal. Light snacks are served between meals. Passengers will enjoy a variety of alcoholic beverages and wines from the best Israeli wineries.

How do you become an El Al pilot?

El Al is requiring that in addition to 1,000 flying hours to qualify as head pilot, recruits must have Israeli citizenship and have completed the Israel Air Forces pilots course or similar civil or military training in Israel or abroad.

What does El Al airlines stand for?

In November, 1948, El Al—a Hebrew term, taken from the Bible, which means “toward the skios”—was chartered. Its mission was “to secure and maintain the regular civil air‐link between Is rael and the outside world in time of peace and war.” In June, 1949, El Al made its first scheduled flight to Paris.

Does El Al Dreamliner have WIFI?

​The WIFI service is available on the Dreamliner (787) fleet on flights to North America and Europe (except for Moscow, Kiev, Lisbon, Madrid & Morocco). On flights from Israel, the service is active once the boarding begins or 25 minutes after departure and until 45 minutes before landing.

How much do El Al pilots make?

El Al pilots earn an average of NIS 95,000 per month, according to data presented before a labor court, KAN news reported on Monday. Some 76 pilots, making up 12% of all pilots in El Al, earned between NIS 110,000 and NIS 160,000 per month. Some 6,300 employees worked for El Al in 2019, including 630 pilots.

Does El Al hire foreign pilots?

El Al is making no promises to hire the pilots it trains, but the looming shortage of pilots will enable the new pilots to find jobs with other Israeli or foreign airlines (in the US or Europe with suitable citizenship) or other companies, such as Chinese airlines looking for pilots from anywhere in the world.

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