Question: Does Jen end up with Dawson?

Sadly, Jen doesnt end up with anyone. She does have a daughter as a result of some kind of relationship with a man, but he isnt introduced to the rest of the cast when she reunites with them at the end of the series.

Do Jen and Dawson end up together?

Dawson met the girl next door at some point when they were kids, but they reacquaint when Jen moves to the Creek. Instantly attracted to each other, Dawson pursues a romance and they eventually get together, but break up due to Jens tough upbringing and her feeling lost in her life.

What happened to Jen at the end of Dawsons Creek?

In the two-part series finale, set in 2008, the gang learns of Jens fatal heart condition, pulmonary congestion, after she faints during Gale Leerys second wedding. Leaving Amy in Jacks care, Jen dies with Grams at her side on May 14, 2008.

Does Dawson and Jen have a baby?

The mystery surrounding Jens baby daddy explained: When Dawsons Creek flashed five years into the future for the shows two-part series finale, viewers see that Jen (Michelle Williams) is a single mother raising daughter Amy.

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