Question: Is ihm better or IIHM?

Few main differences between IHM and IIHM are: (1) IHM is a government institution whereas IIHM is a private one. (2) IHM offers a 3 years degree and also a pg level course. IIHM offers only degree level program.

Is IIHM good for hotel management?

Many students study at this college. Overall, the infrastructure is average. It is the best college for hotel management course. Placements: It is the best college for pursuing the hotel management course.

What is the fee structure of ihm?

Fee Applicable to 3 Years Degree CourseComponents1st Year (2021-22)2nd Year (2022-23)IHM Tuition Fee3970040600IGNOU Fee1270012700Examination Fee25002500Caution Money (Refundable)6500--4 more rows

How many semesters is IIHM?

YEAR 3 AT IIHM INDIA CAMPUS OR 3 SEMESTERS AT UWL, LONDON, UK-WITH 12 MONTHS WORK PLACEMENT AT UK. in India and abroad. The business and management skills are highly relevant and desirable across a wide range of other service sectors.

What is the highest position in front office?

Front Office Manager / Director Of Rooms: Directly supervises all front office personnel and ensures proper completion of all front office duties. Duty Manager: Directly supervises the Reception, Concierge, Telephone, Travel Desk and the Bell desk.

What is the highest position in a hotel?

Head Chef. Head chef or executive chef is the top hotel position related to food preparation. The head chef will usually take responsibility for creating and maintaining the restaurant menu, while leading the team of cooks, sous chefs and support staff.

Which stream is best for hm?

Dear Aspirant, For getting into the Hotel & Hospitality Management domain, after 10th you can select any stream (Arts, Science or Commerce). I recommend you to take Degree courses and not Diploma courses for a stable and successful career in hotel industry.

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