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One case of incest between twins, in which twins who were adopted by separate families as babies later married without knowing they were brother and sister, was mentioned in a debate on the Human Fertility and Embryology Bill in January 2008.

  • From the time she was a child, my elder sister has had very poor vision and can't hear or speak either.

  • I married only after getting over their betrayal.

  • Against judge's orders, Faith exposes their plot, as well as their incestuous relationship, to the court, leaving the old man and his stepdaughter no choice but to confess their crimes.

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Only when Jude's estranged wife reenters his life does Sue finally give herself sexually to Jude and they have several children together.

  • Sure, I have always known what the word meant, but I had never considered it an option for me, until recently.

  • Waad gives birth to Luang's daughter, Kaew.

  • However, generations of inbreeding has resulted in many possible illness in the Wilkes family.