Question: Can you be exposed to herpes and not get it?

Everyone who is exposed to the virus does not develop sores, but may still shed virus and expose others through contact with the infected area even if sores are not present. Who should get tested for Herpes?

Does being exposed to herpes mean you have it?

Blood samples are usually used to see if the immune system has produced antibodies against the herpes virus. Results take several days and only tell that you have been exposed to the virus at some point. A positive test for HSV-2 probably indicates that you have the infection.

Is it possible to come into contact with herpes and not get it?

Yes. Even when no sores are present, the herpes virus is still active in the body and can spread to others. If you or your partner has herpes, reduce the risk of spread by: using a condom every time you have sex (vaginal, oral, or anal).

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