Question: Is rue21 and Forever 21 the same thing?

Although they are both clothing retailers and happen to share a numeral in their respective names, Forever 21 and rue21 are independent companies with no affiliation to one another. The two companies are, in fact, competitors.

Is Love 21 the same as Forever 21?

Love 21 will follow the same fast-fashion, trend-driven concept as Forever 21, but geared toward an older customer: ages 25-45. Love 21 hits Forever 21 stores and next week.

What brands does Forever 21 own?

Fast-fashion retailer Forever 21 operates stores under the Forever 21, XXI Forever, For Love 21, Heritage 1981, and Reference banners. Forever 21 sells mens and womens clothing and accessories.

Is Rue21 going out of business?

The retailer filed for bankruptcy in 2017 amid a wave of filings by specialty retailers, many of them private equity-owned and as a result overburdened with debt. Chapter 11 gave the company a chance to shrink its footprint, by more than 400 stores, and shed millions in debt.

Do won Forever 21?

Do Won Chang (Hangul: 장도원; born March 20, 1954) is a multi-millionaire Korean-born American businessman. He founded the clothing store chain Forever 21 with his wife Jin Sook Chang....Do Won ChangBornMarch 20, 1954 South KoreaNationalityAmericanOccupationFounder and former owner of Forever 21Years active1984–20203 more rows

Does Shaq own Forever 21?

Former NBA great and verified brand, Shaquille ONeal. Marilyn Monroe, Forever 21, Muhammad Ali, Sports Illustrated, Elvis Presley, Juicy Couture, and Shaquille ONeal are just a few of the more than 30 names and brands for which the company holds the intellectual property rights.

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