Question: How many days do I need in Munich?

As a general rule of thumb, three full days in Munich is enough to see the most important highlights in Bavarias capital. You will have enough time to explore the old town, some of the most important museums, the fabulous Nymphenburg palace, the BMW world, etc.

Is Munich worth a day trip?

Absolutely! Munich is absolutely worth a visit. There are so many amazing tourist attractions, important historic sites, beautiful parks and castles, an active nightlife, good shopping opportunities, and amazing festivals. Munich is an amazing place to visit and you can easily spend 3 days in Bavarias capital or more.

Is one day enough in Munich?

When travelling to Bavaria, you should take time to spend at least one day in Munich. Known for Oktoberfest, Munichs culture surpasses beer (although the beer is good enough to be known just for that!). Munich has become a huge tourist destination in the last few years and it is easy to see why.

Is 2 days in Munich enough?

Although a short time, 2 days in Munich are enough to visit the main attractions and explore the city. Also, if you have time to spend 3 days in Munich, there are many easy and beautiful day trips from Munich to discover more of charming Bavaria. Munich has a lot to offer.

How do you spend time in Munich?

7 Awesome Things To Do In Munich In One Day!2 See the surfers at the Englischer Garten.3 Sampling German food.4 Take a trip to the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site.5 Grab a beer at the Hofbräuhaus.6 Take a trip up the Peterskirche church tower.7 Go shopping for lederhosen and dirndls near Karlsplatz.

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