Question: Who died from Deep Purple?

Jon Lord, the former keyboard player with heavy rock band Deep Purple, has died aged 71. Lord co-founded Deep Purple in 1968 and co-wrote many of the groups songs including Smoke On The Water. He also played with bands including Whitesnake.

What happened to members of Deep Purple?

The bands line-up (currently including Ian Gillan, and guitarist Steve Morse from 1994) has been much more stable in recent years, although keyboardist Jon Lords retirement from the band in 2002 (being succeeded by Don Airey) left Ian Paice as the last original Deep Purple member still in the band.

Which members of Deep Purple are still alive?

CurrentNameYears activeInstrumentsIan Paice1968–1976 1984–presentdrums percussionRoger Glover1969–1973 1984–presentbass, occasional keyboardsIan Gillan1969–1973 1984–1989 1992–presentlead and backing vocals conga harmonicaSteve Morse1994–presentguitar1 more row

Is Jon Lord Dead?

July 16, 2012 Jon Lord/Date of death

What did John Lord die of?

Pulmonary embolism Jon Lord/Cause of death Jon Lord, the keyboardist of the pioneering British hard-rock band Deep Purple, died on Monday in London. He was 71. The cause was a pulmonary embolism, said his manager, Bruce Payne. Mr.

How old is John Lord?

71 years (1941–2012) Jon Lord/Age at death

Is Jon Lord of Deep Purple still alive?

Deceased (1941–2012) Jon Lord/Living or Deceased

How many singers has deep purple had?

Fourteen musicians in all have been members of Deep Purple since the group formed in 1968, several members often leaving only to return a short time later.

When did Jon Lord leave Deep Purple?

2002 Deep Purple reformed in 1984 and resumed at the height of their commercial prowess, playing to tens of thousands of fans around the world. They sold a total of 150 million albums and Lord remained an ever-present amid numerous line-up changes until he left in 2002.

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