Question: Can you drink alcohol in Comoros?

The drinking age in Comoros is 18. Alcohol is readily available in Moroni from Indian and Chinese merchants near Volo Volo. Castle beer from South Africa and cheap boxed wine from France are common.

Is Comoros a safe country?

As mentioned throughout the article, Comoros is a rather safe country and, as such, doesnt come with dangerous areas that people should avoid on purpose. The best you can do to keep yourself safe while visiting this country is to keep an eye on your surroundings and think twice before doing or agreeing to something.

How do people get around in Comoros?

Transport around the islands There are tons of shared taxis driving around Grande Comore, especially near Moroni. Just flag one down and tell them where youre going, and if theyre not headed that way youll only have to wait a minute or two for the next taxi.

What are people of Comoros called?

People of Comoros. The islanders reflect a diversity of origins. Malay immigrants and Arab and Persian traders have mixed with peoples from Madagascar and with various African peoples.

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