Question: What happened to Albert and Maria on first dates?

After deciding they were going to go elsewhere for a drink, Albert told Maria love you. It was revealed at the end of the episode that Albert wasnt ready to wade into deeper water and the pair didnt see each other again, despite a night out in Shoreditch after their dinner.

Will and Fran first dates?

Will and Fran met on series six of First Dates. They then also appeared in two Christmas specials of the show, in series seven and eight. The pair bonded on the series over their mutual love for rugby and tweed and have since got engaged.

Are Lucy and Caroline still together?

They DID agree to see each other again, but we can confirm they did not stay together. He currently lives in Dubai! Also featuring in the episode is weightlifter Lucys date with Caroline, which resulted in a shirt being ripped in front of the packed restaurant!

Are Steve and Lucie still married?

Lucie and Steven Griffiths These two didnt exactly get off to the best start, and cracks started to show furing their honeymoon in Montenegro. Six weeks after their wedding date, Lucie and Steve told experts they did plan to give it a go, but they split just two weeks later.

Are Cara and rich still together?

Are Rich and Cara still together No! Unfortunately the First Dates pairing are not together.

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