Question: Why is Rammstein so popular?

Rammstein achieved world fame through its appearance in the David Lynch film Lost Highway. The band had been looking for a director to shoot their first music video and sent requests to all the filmmakers they knew from the movies.

How did Rammstein become popular?

On 27 March, Rammstein performed on MTVs Hanging Out in London; their first performance in the UK . Rammsteins first major boost in popularity outside Germany came when music director Trent Reznor chose two Rammstein songs, Heirate mich and Rammstein, for David Lynchs film Lost Highway.

What is Rammstein known for?

Since their early years, Rammstein are particularly known for their over-the-top live performances, making such extensive use of pyrotechnics that fans eventually coined the motto, Other bands play, Rammstein burns! (a play on Manowars song Kings of Metal, which states that other bands play, Manowar kill).

Internationally, Rammstein is by far the most popular German band. The Japanese sing the bands songs word for word when it plays in Japan. Rammstein seems to gives international audiences exactly what they want to hear from a band Made in Germany.

Does Germany like Rammstein?

It turns out that Germans really dont think much about Rammstein at all. While most of the people on the street were familiar with the bands name and their work, some even knowing a considerable amount about their background, most didnt care one way or another about the bands music.

How famous is Rammstein in Germany?

2019: Rammstein, Deutschland “Deutschland” is one of 2019s biggest hits across all music genres and is one of Rammsteins most successful songs of all time. Its just their second song to hit No. 1 in Germany and the cinematic music video racked up over 42 million views in a month.

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