Question: How old is Enrique Iglesias now?

Who was Julio Iglesias first wife?

Isabel Preysler Iglesias has three adult children by his first wife, Isabel Preysler, among them singer Enrique Iglesias.

Who is Joanna Preysler?

Today, fashion entrepreneur Joanna Preysler Francisco, who turned 51 yesterday, maintains a waistline trimmer than before she had her three children. Theres no big secret to that impressive feat. Francisco works hard to earn her uber-fit body.

Does JLO have Filipino blood?

4. No Filipino blood in J-Lo, but her second husband CRIS JUDD is half (moms Filipina). The talented dancer/choreographer donated his winnings of $250,000 on Im A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. DANTE BASCO is a Filipino American actor born in California.

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