Question: Is a 100m javelin throw possible?

Is it possible to throw javelin 100m?

Uwe Hohn (born 16 July 1962) is a retired German track and field athlete who competed in the javelin throw. He is the only athlete to throw a javelin 100 metres or more, with his world record of 104.80 m (343 ft 93⁄4 in).

How far can an Olympian throw a javelin?

Today, the mens Olympic record is 90.57 meters, and was set by Norways Andreas Thorkildsen in 2008, while the womens Olympic record of 71.53 meters was set by Cubas Osleidys Menéndez in 2004.

Do you have to be strong to throw javelin?

Javelin throwing is not based on force--like the shot put. The most important things are moving your arm fast, and how much weight you can throw. Bulking up with weights may make your body look great, but it wont perform as well.

Who is the World No 1 in javelin throw?

Vetter is at the No. 1 spot with 1396 points after having thrown 90-plus as many as 7 times in 2021. Neeraj Chopras 87.58m throw - How good was it?

Who is the worlds best javelin thrower?

Jan ŽELEZNÝ Filter All Time Top ListsRankMarkCompetitor198.48Jan ŽELEZNÝ297.76Johannes VETTER393.90Thomas RÖHLER493.09Aki PARVIAINEN42 more rows

How difficult is javelin throw?

The javelin throw can be extremely strenuous and tough. At first glance, it may simply seem as if you are throwing a long rod; in reality, a lot of athletic ability and strategy go into throwing the javelin. But there are ways to improve your javelin throwing.

How fast are javelin throwers?

The average maximum run up speed of an elite thrower ranges from 5-6m/s (20km/h), but elite throwers release the javelin at 28-30m/s (100km/h) so most of the final release speed is created in the “whole body” action of the final two steps.

Does height matter in javelin throw?

The height at which the javelin is released affects the optimum angle of release. The greater the height, the lower the angle should be in order to increase the distance thrown.

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