Question: Why did Elliott leave JAG?

According to the publication, Elliotts contract was not renewed, so he had no choice but to leave the show. Bellisario told TV Guide he was looking to hire someone younger and reduce costs. At the time, the shows fate was unclear, so the TV executive was focused on building a younger cast.

What happened to actor David James Elliott?

In the years since JAG ended, Elliott starred in the dramedy GCB and recurred on the mystery Secrets and Lies, both from ABC, appeared on YouTubes Impulse, and reprised his JAG role alongside Catherine Bell on NCIS: Los Angeles. He currently stars in the Netflix skating drama Spinning Out.

Why did JAG get Cancelled?

There are two explanations for why CBS canceled JAG back in 2005: A nice one, and an angry one (which may or may not make it more believable). The nice one is that David James Elliott chose to leave the show. Bellisario offered a different, somewhat bitter explanation, saying it was a matter of cold demographics.

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