Question: Where is Rani Mukherjees house?

In Mumbai, she has bought a flat of one and a half thousand square feet. It also has two parking lots. It is being said that the value of that house is around Rs. 7.12 Crores.

Is Rani Mukherji in Bengali?

Mukerji comes from a film-oriented family of Bengali origin. Her father, Ram Mukherjee, is a retired director and one of the founders of Filmalaya Studios. Her mother, Krishna Mukherjee, was a playback singer. Her maternal aunt, Debashree Roy, was a Bengali-film actress and her cousin, Kajol, is a Bollywood actress.

Where is Rani Mukherjee from?

Mumbai, India Rani Mukerji/Place of birth

What is the age of Rani Mukerji?

43 years (March 21, 1978) Rani Mukerji/Age

Who are parents of Kajol?

Tanuja Shomu Mukherjee Kajol/Parents

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