Question: Who is Castiel in Queen of the South?

Castel is the niece of Colombian Cartel leader Reynaldo Fieto.

Who plays Castiel on Queen of the South?

Martha HigaredaHigareda in 2017BornMartha Elba Guadalupe Higareda Cervantes August 24, 1983 Villahermosa, Tabasco, MexicoOccupationActress, producer, screenwriterYears active2002–present1 more row

Is Castel CIA in Queen of the South?

Devon Finch is behind all of Teresas drama James tells Teresa that her Colombian plug Castel works for the CIA.

Who is the traitor in Queen of the South?

In season three, Kelly Anne betrayed Teresa and her death was ordered. This was possibly the toughest decision Teresa has ever had to make, after all, Kelly Anne was her friend and that call hurt her deeply. But, fans know the order was never executed.

Who killed Reynaldo in Queen of the South?

On the orders of Castel, Reynaldo is shot and killed by men pretending to work in the hospital.

What is the meaning of Espirito Santo?

Holy Spirit listen); meaning Holy Spirit) is a state in southeastern Brazil. The Captaincy of Espírito Santo was carved out of the Captaincy of Bahia in the 18th century, during the colonial rule of Brazil, and named after a 16th-century captaincy covering roughly the same area of coast.

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