Question: Is Beckham a metrosexual?

It is sometimes easy to forget that David Beckham was ever a midfielder of the highest caliber with more than 100 appearances for England. In the 1990s, we called Beckham a New Man, or a metrosexual. He was evidently straight, but never aggressive or even assertive in a traditional masculine way.

Why is Beckham a metrosexual?

Advertisement: Beckham is the biggest metrosexual in Britain because he loves being looked at and because so many men and women love to look at him: Hes the future, but also a way of adapting other, less advanced specimens to that future.

Is metrosexual a real thing?

So what makes a metrosexual man? They are been defined as a straight, sensitive, well-educated, urban dweller who is in touch with their feminine side. They may have a standing appointment for a weekly manicure, and may probably have their hair cared for by a stylist rather than a barber.

Who came up with metrosexual?

Mark Simpson The term metrosexual originated in an article by Mark Simpson published on November 15, 1994, in The Independent.

Is there another word for metrosexual?

Metrosexual Synonyms - WordHippo Thesaurus....What is another word for metrosexual?boulevardierdandyfopman about townmasherbeautoffbuckmacaronigallant37 more rows

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