Question: What did the hippies accomplish?

As blue jeans, beards, body adornments, natural foods, legal marijuana, gay marriage, and single parenthood have gained acceptance in mainstream American society in recent years, it is now clear that the hippies won the culture wars that were launched nearly fifty years ago.

What were hippies trying to accomplish?

Hippies advocated nonviolence and love, a popular phrase being “Make love, not war,” for which they were sometimes called “flower children.” They promoted openness and tolerance as alternatives to the restrictions and regimentation they saw in middle-class society.

How did the hippies change society?

The Hippies helped to make Americas culture more open. They helped, for example, move our culture towards more of an acceptance of different lifestyles. These changes typify the major impact the Hippies had on US culture. Their impact was to make the US a more open and less traditional society.

Are Hippies successful?

Were they successful? Yes. In the short term, they infiltrated popular culture by introducing alternative ways of thinking and living. In the long term, the Hippie mentality manifested itself through environmentalism, feminism, communal living, and alternative culture.

What did hippies do for the environment?

It was hippie culture that spawned the pro-environment movement, including the establishment of Earth Day in 1970. Though they were mocked by many as tree huggers, hippies culture led to the philosophy of taking care of the Earth through recycling, organic food, vegetarianism and forest preservation.

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