Question: Is Burnham-on-Sea Safe?

Burnham Jetty North was one of 10 beaches across the UK that were previously regarded as safe but are now deemed unsuitable for swimming under the EUs sea water safety standards. It is widely acknowledged locally that the sea water quality has improved over the years but more stringent testing does not identify this.

Is Burnham-on-Sea chavy?

Burnham and Brean are, without doubt, the most chav-filled holiday destinations in England. Burnham and Highbridge Mayor Eric Gill said he thought the resort was a fine holiday destination, with a good atmosphere to relax in. Burnham is old fashioned - its called the Victorian town by the sea.

How many people live in Burnham-on-Sea?

19,576 Burnham-on-SeaPopulation19,576 (2011 census, including Highbridge)OS grid referenceST306492Civil parishBurnham-on-Sea and HighbridgeDistrictSedgemoor16 more rows

What is Burnham on Sea known for?

Burnham-on-Sea is a seaside town in Somerset, England, at the mouth of the River Parrett, upon Bridgwater Bay. Burnham-on-Sea is famous for its low lighthouse. The lighthouse was built in 1832 and is a Grade-II listed building with a red and white striped facade.

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