Question: Is Burton-on-Trent a nice area?

Burton has been ranked as one of the best places tom live in Staffordshire. Burton ranked highly across the board, coming 351 out of 1,372 towns and villages overall. But picturesque village Barton-under-Needwood was at the other end of the spectrum, ranking 1,128 on the list.

What is there to do in Burton-on-Trent today?

Top Attractions in Burton upon TrentThe National Brewery Centre. 705. Church Farm Tearooms and Childrens Farm Anslow. Farms. Claymills Victorian Pumping Station. 270. Hawksflight Falconry. Nature & Wildlife Areas. Gallery Three. Art Galleries. Barton Marina. 754. Branston Water Park. 198. Stapenhill Gardens. Gardens.

Is Burton-on-Trent worth visiting?

Burton has interesting places to visit, some fine and tasteful independent shops, and an abundance of cafés and eateries. The excellent modern library at Riverside was a great source of information with very helpful staff. Burton is a straightforward, friendly town, and is all the better for it.

Is Staffordshire beautiful?

The south-western reaches of the Peak District National Park are made up of parts of the spectacular county of Staffordshire. From gently rolling hills to the rocky outcrops of gritstone known as The Roaches, the landscape of Staffordshire is as varied as it is beautiful.

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