Question: Does Ginuwine have any siblings?

Is Sole still married to Ginuwine?

Solè married Ginuwine on September 8, 2003 in Grand Cayman. In November 2014 Ginuwine announced he and Solé had separated. Their divorce was finalized July 22, 2015. On August 27, 2017, Solé married Public Enemy band member and rapper Professor Griff, referring to each other as Aja and Kavon Shah.

How many children does Ginuwine and Sole have?

The proud papa and his wife Tonya, a.k.a. Sole, have two daughters together and seven kids from previous relationships.

Who is sole Korean?

Sole (쏠; stylized as SOLE) is a South Korean singer-songwriter and producer under Amoeba Culture. She is a former member of the girl group Live High. She made her solo debut on November 3, 2017 with digital single Ride.

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