Question: Is hike better than WhatsApp?

Which is safe WhatsApp or hike?

Hike has no such limit prescribed. Hike restricts attaching files to 100MB in size whereas WhatsApp restricts it to just 16MB. By default, images and videos are compressed to save bandwidth which makes WhatsApp unsuitable for sharing high-resolution media files. A lot of people use messaging apps to share files.

Is hike a good alternative to WhatsApp?

While Hike is shut and WhatsApp changed its Privacy Policy, Signal has gained a significant hike in the number of users from India. While it is seen as a replacement for various messenger app, one must not ignore that it is amongst the best private chatting app around the world.

Is hike a good app?

A cross platform messenger app, Hike is similar to WhatsApp but is better in the sense that it also allows users to communicate over SMS, which is certainly a big advantage for those who do not have access to mobile Internet or data on the-go and for communicating with your friends without Hike app from within the same ...

Which app has hidden hike like?

KakaoTalk. Not everyone must have heard about the KakaoTalk instant messaging app. Like Hike, this is also available on Android, iOS, BB OS and Windows phones and includes more features than WhatsApp. KakaoTalk not only has audio calling feature but also feature video chats as well.

Why is Hike shutting down?

Despite an increase in demand for homegrown apps, the reason behind Hikes shutdown is still unknown. Mittal feels that India wont have its own messenger as the “global effects are too strong (unless India bans Western companies)”. With Hike shutting down the apps are expected to go live soon this year.

Is Hike safe for private chat?

Hike Web was created ensuring a seamless experience for users with a strong focus on security. Keeping that in mind we have increased network security to AES-256 and TLS 1.2, which makes communication over web client more secure than ever.

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