Question: What does SC mean on Instagram?

E.C.- Editing Credits (person who edits your photo) C.C.- Caption Credit/Courtesy (The person suggests the Caption for your photo) S.C.- Selection Credit (Credit to the particular person who chooses/recommends the picture to post) hope it will help.

What is SC in social media?

Snapchat. SC is most often used on social media, in dating apps (such as Tinder) and in text-messaging to refer to the multimedia messaging app Snapchat. According to Snapchats parent company, Snap.

What does SC stand for?

AcronymDefinitionSCSouth Carolina (US postal abbreviation)SCSupply ChainSCStudent CenterSCSmall Capital (letter)234 more rows

What does SC mean in editing?

AbbreviationsAbbreviationMeaningUsecapsCapitalizePut text in capital casescSmall capsPut text in small capswfWrong fontPut text in correct fontwc/wwword choice/wrong wordIncorrect or awkward word choice12 more rows

What is SC on Tinder mean?

SC/snap. Abbreviations for social media app Snapchat. If youre messaging someone on Tinder and they give you their snap, theyre wanting to move things off the dating app and give you more access to their personal life (or in some cases, build more followers).

What does SC mean for a grade?

SC (Successful Completion) A SC grade means you have fulfilled the course requirements as outlined by the instructor. Your instructors requirements may include expectations around attendance, participation and the completion of assignments.

What is short credit?

Short-term credits are small amount loans usually granted immediately, either by internet or over the phone, without requiring hardly any documentation from the borrower who, in many cases, doesnt even have the necessary means or guarantees that would give access to financing provided by credit institutions, being, ...

What Does VC mean on Instagram edits?

Video Creator. VC also means Video Creator, which is any app or program which can be used to record, edit and share videos.

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