Question: How old was Donna on That 70s Show?

Laura Prepon took on the role of Donna Pinciotti - AKA the girl next door - on That 70s Show when she was 18 years old and stuck with the show for all eight seasons.

How old was Eric and Donna in That 70s show?

In That 70s Show season 1, Eric finally acted on his feelings and took Donna out on a date. The couple was only 16 at the time, so their early dating life was understandably a bit awkward, but they did share their first kiss together.

How old was Jackie in That 70s show?

In 1998, Kunis was cast as Jackie Burkhart in the Fox sitcom That 70s Show. All who auditioned were required to be at least 18 years old; Kunis, who was 14 at the time, told the casting directors she would be 18 but did not say when.

How old were Jackie and Kelso in That 70s show?

The celebrities first met playing Jackie Burkhart (Kunis) and Michael Kelso (Kutcher) on Foxs That 70s Show — they were 14 and 20, respectively, when the pilot episode aired in 1998.

Do Jackie and Kelso get married?

Following this revelation, he breaks up with her (true to form, the breakup doesnt stick and they later reunite). In the season four finale, Jackie and Kelso both agree that they dont want to stay broken up. Without warning, she brings up marriage to Kelso and decides that theyre getting married.

Why was Eric Forman fired?

Although it was a shock for fans to see Eric leave right before the show ended, Grace had a practical reason for making his exit early. That 70s Show followed a group of teenagers coming of age in 1970s Wisconsin. As Eric gets older, he realizes he wants more out of life than just sitting around with his friends.

Is that Jackies real baby on Roseanne?

In season 6, Jackie becomes pregnant. Laurie Metcalf was actually pregnant in real life with her and Roths son. In the end credits of Labor Day, there are pictures of Metcalf in the hospital with her new son Will.

Who did Hyde marry?

Samantha Hyde (played by Judy Tylor) is Hydes wife during season 8. They got married while Hyde was drunk in Las Vegas.

Did Eric and Donna ever get married?

Donna and Eric go through premarital counseling because of their pregnancy scare and this is where they decide to stop having sex until they are married. Donna and Eric remain together even after their called off wedding.

What happened to Kelso in Season 8?

At the end of the episode, Kelso joins his friends in one last circle before he moves to Chicago. Kitty feels neglected by Red, so Samantha helps her improve her image. Now that Kelso has moved to Chicago, Jackie moves in with Fez, who has to deal with his crazy ex-girlfriend Caroline.

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