Question: Who is Poison Ivys boyfriend?

Who is Poison Ivys lover?

Harley Quinn Harley Quinn features Ivy as Harleys best friend and then lover.

Did Batman and Poison Ivy date?

Pamela Isley (Poison Ivy): Ivy has a somewhat love/hate relationship with Batman; on some occasions she claims to love him and desires his affection, while on others she is more than willing to kill him.

Is Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy a couple?

She also joins with Poison Ivy and Catwoman to create the supervillain group, the Gotham City Sirens. DC revealed in 2017 that Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn are officially a couple, and the franchise confirmed in the Birds of Prey movie that Harley Quinn is bisexual.

Who is Harley Quinns boyfriend?

The Joker Poison Ivy Harley Quinn/Significant others

Did Harley and Ivy break up?

The second season of DC Universes Harley Quinn came to an end yesterday and featured the Harlivy endgame weve been waiting for. Despite the seasons perfect ending, fans are eager to see more. Unfortunately, the show has yet to be renewed.

Is Joker in love with Harley?

Despite all this, Joker admitted that he actually did love Harley but due to his belief that love was a weakness, he wanted to get rid of her. Realizing that killing her would make her a painful memory that would hurt him for the rest of his life, he settled for trying to make Harley forget who she was instead.

Will Harley and Ivy be together?

Now, it seems like the relationship has finally progressed with Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn getting together in the latest episode of the popular DC animated series (via Screen Rant).

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