Question: Is Klingon difficult to learn?

Fictional languages like Klingon are deliberately designed not to be easy and familiar, but difficult and very different. It also makes Klingon, still a growing language, fairly difficult to master, much less generate true native speakers.

Does Duolingo have Klingon?

If youre a real Star Wars Star Trek fan, chances are youve always dreamt of learning Klingon. Klingon joins the other 30 languages that are currently available on the Duolingo platform, which currently has about 200 million users. ...

Why is Klingon on Duolingo?

Its a language with little value to anyone not already interested in the Star Trek franchise. However, its a low maintenance (not constantly evolving, not comprised of a thousand regional dialects) language, that is likely to to earn Duolingo a lot of publicity among people they may not otherwise have reached.

Why are Klingons evil?

Though their appearance may be drawn from history, these new, hostile Klingons are base zealots and unrelentingly evil – with an obvious comparison to be made with Islamic State. They are simply our enemy: we possess no shared values, they lie in ambush and react with unremitting violence across the first episodes.

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