Question: Is low extraversion the same as introversion?

Introversion is not the opposite of extraversion. Introverts simply fall on the low end of extraversion distribution scores. So, for example, introverts may like social interactions less than extraverts do, but they dont necessarily dislike interacting with other people at all.

What is the difference between extroversion and introversion?

“Extroversion and introversion refer to where people receive energy from. Extroverts are energized by socializing in larger groups of people, having many friends, instead of a few intimate ones while introverts are energized by spending time alone or with a smaller group of friends.”

Is extraversion more common than introversion?

According to estimates, extroverts outnumber introverts by about three to one. 1 Introverts often find that other people try to change them or even suggest that there is something wrong with them. While introverts make up a smaller portion of the population, there is no right or wrong personality type.

Which is better extraversion or introversion?

At the university level, introversion predicts academic performance better than cognitive ability. One study tested 141 college students knowledge of twenty different subjects, from art to astronomy to statistics, and found that introverts knew more than the extroverts about every single one of them.

What is the most extroverted introvert personality type?

Are INFPs and INFJs the most Extroverted Introverts?But theres also the flip side that I experience as a highly sensitive INFP. I think thats why INFPs and INFJs are often called the most extroverted of all introverts. Thats the seeming paradox of being an INFP and INFJ. Both of these make us who we are. •Sep 20, 2019

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