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We strongly encourage folks to use this so efforts are coordinated and the items most needed get to those who need it most.

  • The reasoning for rejecting the No Action Alternative is that doing so will not mitigate any risks.

  • One man was shot and another taken into custody after a Thursday morning shooting in Pamlico County.

  • The proposed work conforms to all applicable State of North Carolina and local floodplain regulations.

Coastal Environmental Partnership Locations and Hours

For further information, please call the Craven County Solid Waste Department at 252-636-6659.

  • This action will save the county and your family in landfill disposal costs, plus boost recycling in Florence County.

  • Press Option 2 for Hurricane Florence and follow their instructions.

  • The Pamlico Sound Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan is being updated and your participation is valuable.