Question: Are hero and Josephine together in real life 2021?

Are Hero Fiennes Tiffin and Josephine Langford dating? In the past, many fans have suspected (and obviously, hoped) that the 23-year-old actor was secretly dating his After co-star and on-screen lover, Josephine Langford. But reportedly, these two are definitely are not an item in real life.

Who is Josephine Langford dating 2021?

Ever since the Harry Styles-inspired movie, After, hit screens, fans have been shipping Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes-Tiffen.

Are Tessa and Hardin a couple in real life?

As disappointing as this may be for many fans of the After franchise - the actors who play Hardin and Tessa are not a real-life couple. Despite their very steamy chemistry on-screen, Josephine has previously shut down the dating rumours, telling Cosmopolitan in 2019 that fans will ship anything.

Is Hero from After dating anyone?

As far as is known, Hero does not have a girlfriend and is not in a relationship.

Is Hero ft dating Josephine Langford?

Due to their very steamy on-screen romance, a lot of After fans have wondered whether Hero and Josephine have dated in real life, but the answer is no. She told Cosmopolitan in April 2019 that “fans will ship anything” but the pair prove to be just good friends!

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