Question: What is the coolest neighborhood in New York?

What is the hippest neighborhood in Manhattan?

SoHo, home of the famous shopping street Broadway, is one of the trendiest neighborhoods and also one of the most expensive. There are many high-end restaurants and stores that attract a combination of the local and global elite.

Where do Millennials live in NYC?

While Brooklyn hosts almost a third of the citys 3 million millennials, and technically has the most millennials, its neighborhoods in Manhattan and Queens that boast the largest share per neighborhood. The Garment District, Long Island City, Downtown Manhattan and Soho all made the top five list.

What does SOHO stand for?

South of Houston Street SoHo (an acronym for South of Houston Street) still features galleries, though these days the work within them tends toward the more high-end commercial—matching the luxury boutiques and independent-designer outposts that characterize the area.

What is the best neighborhood to live in Manhattan?

5 of the Best Neighborhoods to Live in ManhattanUpper West Side. 59th Street to 110th Street from south to north, from Central Park on the east to the Hudson River on the West. Lenox Hill on the Upper East. Washington Heights. Battery Park City. Gramercy Park.

What is the best age to live in NYC?

You should start looking for moving companies only when youre one hundred percent sure that you wish to move.The best age to move to NYC is considered to be in the early twenties, and for a good reason too. If youre in your sixties or later, you shouldnt be discouraged from moving to New York.

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