Question: How did Max Schneider meet his wife?

But for the man behind the lyrics, MAX, its a personal love story dedicated to his wife, Emily Schneider. After meeting through mutual friends a few years back, the singer-songwriter and British nanny knew that they were interested in one another.

How did MAX and his wife meet?

They first met in July 2015 while MAX was on tour with Fall Out Boy and Wiz Khalifa; they got married in April 2016. Our entire dating relationship had been me living in Chicago, and then flying out to live with him on a tour bus with a bunch of dudes, Emily says.

Who is MAX Schneiders wife?

Emily SchneiderMax Schneider / Wife (m. 2016)

What does Emily Schneider do?

Emily Schneider is the co-editor of the New America/ASU Coronavirus Daily Brief.

Does Max from catfish have a wife?

Priscila JosephMax Joseph / Wife

Who is the blueberry eye girl?

Emily Cannon Titled “Blueberry Eyes,” the new song dropped yesterday. On both his social media accounts, MAX singer shared the cover art of the new single, which shows him and his volleyball player wife, Emily Cannon, in a bathtub full of blueberries.

Who is Max married to?

Emily SchneiderMax Schneider / Spouse (m. 2016) He was raised Jewish. His father is from a Jewish family and his mother converted to Judaism. Max married Emily Cannon at a courthouse on April Fools Day in 2016, and welcomed their child, a daughter named Edie Celine, in December 2020.

What did Max Schneider act in?

He portrayed Zander in the Nickelodeon TV series How to Rock. He also sold a song to the show called Last 1 Standing, co-written by Matt Wong and Claire Demorest, which is featured in 2 episodes of the series. Schneider also starred in the Nickelodeon original film Rags as Charlie Prince, the lead role in the film.

What does Max Hagley do now?

But no, shes a bundle of joy isnt she?” Like on Below Deck Med, Hagley is currently a deckhand on a 42-meter motor yacht. “Its a good boat,” he said. “Nice and chill.”

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