Question: How many people in Dallas are single?

How many singles live in Dallas?

Race in DallasPEOPLEDallas, TexasUnited StatesMarried Population43.5%50.2%Currently Married40.0%48.2%Married but Separated3.4%2.0%Single Population56.5%49.8%37 more rows

Is Dallas good for singles?

Dallas has a high ratio of unmarried men to unmarried women, a low cost of living and a low unemployment rate, making it a great city for single women. It was the only Texas city in the top 10 list of Best Cities for Single Men. Fort Worth is highly affordable, with a low cost of living and low unemployment rate.

What is the population of Dallas 2020?

1,304,379 TablePopulationPopulation, Census, April 1, 20201,304,379Population, Census, April 1, 20101,197,816Age and SexPersons under 5 years, percent 7.5%54 more rows

Which age range has the most people in Dallas?

The age distribution was 26.6% under the age of 18, 11.8% from 18 to 24, 35.3% from 25 to 44, 17.7% from 45 to 64, and 8.6% 65 or older. The median age was 30 years.

What is the racial makeup of Dallas County?

The racial makeup of the county was 53.4% White (33.12% non-Hispanic white), 22.30% Black or African American, 0.10% Native American, 5.15% Asian, 0.06% Pacific Islander, 14.04% from other races, and 2.70% from two or more races.

Which ethnic group has the highest median salary in Texas?

In 2019 the highest paid race/ethnicity of Texas workers was Alaska Native. These workers were paid 1.01 times more than Asian workers, who made the second highest salary of any race/ethnicity in Texas.

What is Dallas Texas known for?

The city is known for its cultural activities, including opera, ballet, musicals, and symphony concerts; a notable facility is the Kalita Humphreys Theater (1959; part of the Dallas Theater Center), designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Is Dallas or Houston bigger?

Dallas is the 3rd largest city in TX whereas Houston is the largest. However, Dallas-FW is the largest metro area in TX whereas Houston is the 2nd largest.

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