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Top 13 Best Military/War Anime of All Time

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Anime and WWII: The Connection

It's a powerful, heart-breaking movie about the devstating impact the war has on two children on the Japanese home front.

  • From the ashes of Hiroshima arose a democratic nation that was to become a great economic power, and from this experience comes a theme in anime which is virtually inescapable.

  • I started out with anime ever since I started watching cartoons when I was little.

  • The military forces featured in these anime wage war using everything from tanks, spaceships, to gas-powered movement gear.

Top 13 Best Military/War Anime of All Time

With Astro Boy, Many recognized Tezuka's original style and approach that was new to the entire industry.

  • Even in America anime has a wide following, its fans ranging in age from early teens to fully grown, intelligent, educated adults.

  • The reason a pretty isolationist Japan suddenly has western media was because of American troops bringing cartoons and comics and the like from overseas after the war.

  • The technicalities of war have become different over time as new weapons and other technologies were developed, but the basic idea is still the same: kill that other guy before he kills you.

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