Question: How do I stop newspaper delivery while on vacation SPH?

How do I temporarily stop Straits Times delivery?

For subscribers with digital subscriptions or who already have a SPH online account, please login here ( with your username/email address and password to put a temporary stop on your newspaper delivery.

How do I suspend delivery of age?

Log in to My Account, located in the top right menu of Select Suspend your delivery from the quick links on the My Account homepage, or navigate to the Subscriptions tab.

How much is the Sunday New York Times?

Times spokeswoman Eileen Murphy says the big Sunday newspaper still costs the same: $5 in the New York area and $6 in the rest of the country. And the cost of digital subscriptions remains the same.

How do I cancel SPH?

If you wish to cancel, please email us at or call our Customer Service Hotline at 6388 3838.

How do I get Straits Time notifications?

Save 8500-6868 in your phone contact list as ST News. 2. Send a Whatsapp message to ST News with your full name, number and the word subscribe. You will receive key headlines of the day and breaking news.

How long will the sorting office hold my parcel?

18 calendar days We hold items for 18 calendar days before returning them to their sender, so any Redelivery date must be within 18 calendar days of the first delivery attempt. 48 working hours notice is required for a Redelivery.

How long does the post office hold a package?

Most packages are held for 15 days. If the addressee does not claim the package at the end of this period, then the package is returned to the sender. Packages on which the return address is missing or illegible typically go to a lost mail department.

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